Steer Safe,

My wife and I have just completed an 800 mile trip from Western North Carolina to the South West Gulf Coast of Florida.

We own a 2007 fleetwood bounder model 35E, and I noticed right away the night and day difference in the control and handling of our bounder.

During our trip from Savanna, Ga down the East coast to West Palm Beach Fl on I-95, we encountered heavy winds, as well as the usual truck traffic and I was confident that I could maintain steady control for over 400 miles of that leg of our journey.

I have since the installation of the Steer Safe system recommended it to several people.

we are so grateful to your company for developing and selling such a great safety device, and for the confidence it inspires.


Bill & B.J Dygers

Steer Safe,

I wanted to send a quick message to say Thank you for your product. I purchased my Steer Safe last week. I hated driving our motorhome in moderate to heavy winds or when semi trucks passed us. It was truly a white knuckle ride. It was so horrible I was mentally and physically drained when we arrived at our destination.

After reading many reviews, I chose the Steer Safe over other similar products. It arrived yesterday and I put it on by myself, which took about one hour. I the took our motorhome for a test drive. It was a windy day so it was perfect to test out the Steer Safe. I jumped on the freeway and began driving. I was able to pass semi trucks and allow them to pass me with only one hand on the steering wheel. I felt some very slight movement at times, however a major improvement from before. Steer Safe is worth every penny!

I am very pleased with your product. I wish I would have found it before we drove to the Grand Canyon a few months ago. I would not have a motorhome without a Steer Safe again.

Thank you!!!

Tom Yarrington

Hey guys, All i can say is WOW.  I was on the verge of quitting driving my
Fleetwood in retirement.  Every second was pretty terrifying and I
consider myself a pretty good driver.  I called and I believe I spoke to
Mike and he drove all the way to Pancho Villa State Park for me and
installed it about 10 minutes instead of be probably 70% better. I’ll be
damned if it wasn’t 72% better just an amazing difference and I really
appreciate it!!!Thank you  Jason

I installed your steer safe on my 2005 Sea Breeze this weekend. I’m 70
years old so laying under a motor home was not something I was looking
forward to, however, the steer safe was fast and easy to install. I’ve
only put about 15 miles on the motor home since I installed the steer
safe, immediately I felt the difference.
Your product does everything you claim, needless to say, I’m a happy camper.

John Trumbo

Hi Mike.
Just a note to tell you I love that steer safe you installed for me, I’m
the one you did about 8 AM in laposa west. I drove to Sedona today with it,
I can’t believe how much more stable the RV is now.Doesn’t blow all over
the road!…*t now stays straight…*. Thanks again. I’m a happy customer!

Steve Knobler

Hello got my steersafe yesterday 11 03 and installed it today. Drove my
RV and hit bumps that used to cause the death wobble and that problem is
solved. Thank you very much.

Tom Hardin

I have SafeTPlus on my RV now and order SteerSafe from you just last
week. I have used both products and my opinion is yours gave much better
control. Will it hurt if I install yours and leave the shock based
product in place. They don’t interfere with one another and figured if
it’s not a problem I would leave it there.

Thanks From Ed Nardi

Steer Safe,
I wish to say Thank you for your product. I purchased my Steer Safe
last week, received it Friday and installed it Sunday. We then took it out for
a drive on an East West section of the the interstate near us. There
was a 15 – 25 mile an hour Northwest wind (cross wind) and it handled
beautifully! I do believe I will not need to do any adjustments. We'll
see once I can try on a calm day. I disliked driving our Class A in
moderate to heavy winds or when semi trucks passed us with a cross
While not a white knuckle ride, It was physically tiring.
After reading many reviews, I chose the Steer Safe over other similar
products due to its simplicity. Installed it by myself, which took a
little over an hour.
I am very pleased with your product and wish I would have installed it
Thanks again for a good product!

Robert Hill